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Beeg mom and son

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Beeg mom and son
an even more disturbing way to rack up social media views by smacking his moms breasts to the beat.

Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club.

The eight-second clip posted Feb.

18 to Ridings now-deleted TikTok account shows the teen trying to stifle a smirk before swiftly mauling his moms mammaries.

The video-sharing platform is infamous for its self-indulgent ( and often dangerous ) stunts but this bizarre attention grab went too far for many fans.

Ridings clip sparked so many outraged comments that he yanked it, but not before it was pirated and uploaded to Twitter, where it has garnered nearly.5 million viral views and more than 160,000 highly suspect likes.

The Western Australia teens stoic matriarch barely flinches during her sons bosom-beating, and even appears to share a laugh with him by the videos end.

My mother was open to doing it, the teen, a diesel mechanic apprentice, tells Jam Press.

I thought it was really funny and I needed to do the video for laughs on my TikTok page.

However, many Twitter critics dont share his sophomoric sense of humor.

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Authorities say Brandy James locked her son, now 12, in an upstairs bathroom in her Toquerville, Utah, home for perhaps as long as two years.

Source: CNN, stories worth watching (15 Videos see More.

To surprise her son his eighth birthday, this mom pranked him and tricked him into thinking he was in trouble for ordering something online, but when he opened the package, he saw that it was the gift he'd wanted: an iPod Touch.

I have lived in my house in Cypress, Texas for a little more than year and a half but everything began happening a year ago.

It all started with my daughter (9 years old at the time) and I sitting on the couch one evening.

She looks at me and says "Mom, can I sleep with you tonight?" I told her she was too old and should sleep in her bed.
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